Vedangi Agarwal Store Facade

The store which we at Marks Dzyn had to design was for Ms. Vedangi Agarwal, a vivacious and popular designer who effortlessly creates fashionable Indo-Western Apparel for women in gentle muted colors. So our team put together ideas which would beautifully display this collection of clothes creating a truly memorable shopping experience.

This store is situated in one of the most exquisite shopping complexes in Delhi, Santushti Shopping Complex, Chanakyapuri which houses some fashionable labels like Anokhi, Canvas, Tulsi and home décor stores like Nur, Santushti Concept, Casa Pop, etc. Known for its very serene and well manicured gardens this place is indeed a paradise for shoppers in the heart of the bustling city of Delhi.

Vedangi Agarwal Apparel Store Facade

The façade has been punctured to add visibility and entice the passersby. A series of MS slats have been placed at different angles that create the background to the window display (also acts as a partition inside); these slats have been painted in a neutral shade of grey to lay emphasis on the displayed outfits in the foreground.

Store Layout

Not only does the spacing focus on easy access for customers to walk through and savour the beauty of the clothes but also has the potential to engage and intrigue them simultaneously.

Store Interior

Marks Dzyn has developed the concept for the store keeping in mind a contemporary and modern approach. The Grays and Blacks keep the palette understated while an overlay of gold leaf detailing accentuates the space.

Cash Counter in the Store

The yellow ochre powder coated cash counter breaks the overall monotony created by the neutrals in the background and adds a glow to the space. Notice how the pendant light showers golden warmth over the cash counter. The store has a beautiful play of geometric patterns in varying scales to form a homogeneous composition.

MS flutes used in interiors

MS flutes have been used to cover up the walls; the track lights mounted on the ceiling focus on the walls to add drama and call attention to this element. Also, the spread of light creates a beautiful pattern of running curves. The golden powder-coated-wall-mounted metal rods complement the charcoal walls by infusing sleekness and elegance.

Flooring in the store

Vitrified tiles imported from Europe in neutral shades have been used for the flooring. The rustic shades and texture simply complete the whole picture.

Decor Elements in the Store

Tall elliptical mirrors with gold lining, metal side tables, planters, décor pieces heighten the overall experience of the store.

The blend of black, grey and gold deliver an extraordinary character to the store.

It was indeed a wonderful experience for Marks Dzyn to create this store. We constantly strive to provide the most suitable design solutions for our clients. For more details do visit our website or do call us at 011- 41015959.