An Elegant Kitchen Executed in Noida

Miss Tanya, a pleasant professional contacted Marks Dzyn via our Instagram page and was keen on getting her kitchen designed and executed. After meeting our interior designing team and discussing all the nuances of home interiors she decided to go ahead with us for reasons of us being reliable and economical. On meeting Ms Tanya our team understood her taste and requirements of wanting an elegant kitchen and living room. Our team and Miss Tanya were quite cohesive in terms of coming up with the right design and material aspects together.

1. Kitchen Designing

The above is the layout of her house. Miss Tanya wanted a kitchen with maximum storage yet not compromising with the look. The kitchen features abundant storage solutions in a limited space. Our interior designers had to overcome challenges like a bit of space constraint in a smart way. The idea of accessibility with profile handles simply gave it a chic and contemporary look. The kitchen has come up with all essential modules like pantry unit, GTPT, OTG, Tall unit, tandem drawers and much more! And undoubtedly the classic and pacific colors incorporated by our designers expressed its grace and immaculateness!

Windows have also been worked upon so as to merge with the kitchen interiors and simultaneously giving much of the required natural light and ventilation. It certainly imparts an appealing charm to the space!

When there is less to begin with, there is more to end with…
Another portion of the kitchen that elevates it is its storage cabinets. They were finished with solid laminates which had a hint of glossiness and this did complete justice to our designs.

Here is another corner of the kitchen with optimum workability, where we have provided storage above and below the sink as well. The image below shows how spaces were made to give out their maximum.

Every inch of the area has been considered as a platform to create uniqueness and functionality. The thought process of our interior designers, from start to end was to keep all key points of Miss Tanya in mind while designing and this has resulted in a profoundly satisfied client much to our pleasure.

Here is what she has to say about Marks Dzyn

An out of the box thinking is always appreciated and admired as it acts as a distinctive feature altogether. The storage solutions are customized by our designers in a way keeping the circulation space at its best. Miss Tanya was simply joyous to see how a space can exude so much of positivity and vibrancy. The complete journey from planning, designing, material selection and implementation was indeed a delightful one!

This was yet another satisfying project done by Marks Dzyn. If you need to renovate or design your home, need modular kitchens or wardrobes or need customized furniture pieces please do contact us at 011-41015959 or visit our website at Our team of talented interior designers will be only too glad to assist you!