Interiors: AM:PM Store, Delhi and Hyderabad


Ankur Modi Priyanki Modi are one of the leading designer brands in India and even globally. They have a very keen eye for good finish and always strive for perfection. So when the store project for AM:PM came to us we were extremely elated, nothing better than a project where we can stretch our imagination and limits. We really worked hard on these projects and still do. Its great to have clients who appreciate not only the final result but the journey it entails to achieve that. These beautiful Showrooms for designers Ankur Modi and Priyanka Modi were constructed across Banjara Hills in Hyderabad and in the high streets of Khan Market and South Extension in Delhi. The work included extensive use of cement boards and copper metal. The cement board were given intricate designs and etching and coupled with copper metal to give it a earthy yet an elegantly sophisticated look. When you go through these pages you can see the extent of detail and coordination which was done to make this design come alive.

1. Copper Pattern

Metal Sheet have been put under a CNC machine and encased with a lean Mild Sheet Tube to create these beautiful Jalis. These Jalis are heavy and it took more than 4 people lift them and properly fix them to their place. It was truly wonderful to get this work done and see it come alive. The Jali work form an imposing entrance to the Showroom today.


jali work on ms sheet

2. Walls and Mirrors

The cement board otherwise looks like a basic material. However you turn it around, give it the right element, a bit of lacquer and sealer, and it turns into this elegant sober texture. We have received so many calls from asking us how this work was done and this texture achieved! We had great fun working on this project as the Clients were simply wonderful and appreciated fine finish and ofcourse for the design!

3. Flooring

The Flooring for the stores was done by Bharat Flooring. When it comes to Terrazzo flooring, Bharat Flooring is a name to remember. Terrazzo flooring are extremely trending nowadays and we have been using it on walls as well for a few of projects. These mosaic flooring’s used to be the normal thing a few decades back however nowadays it tough to find the right set of workmen to get this flooring done.


4. The Storefront

This storefront is a mix of many material… copper, acrylic, cement boards, mild steel, cement boards and some brilliant lighting all coming together to form a meaningful and ofcourse a delightful design. The CNC machine cut cement board is pasted on the acrylic, which has been given a back lit ambient lighting to create this awe worthy store front. This has been quote a show stopper in the high streets of designer brands!

cement board storefront

4. The Staircase

The Staircase was made of of Mild Steel with steps of Kadappah River Wash Finish. The Walls of the staircase were cladded with some intense yet delicate jali etching work on cement boards.

straicase with kadappah flooring

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