Interior Designing: ATS Pristine, Noida


ATS Pristine in Sector 150 Noida and is a premium condominium housing with some stunning floor plans. Spread over 18 acres of land; this housing space is a treat to live in and it was fun for our interior designers to work out a design concept for its apartment layouts. We chose a mostly white theme for this space. White never goes out of style, and when managed well can offer an elegance par excellence. The themes are easy to implement and can be customized for your residential space as well.

1. Living & Dining Room

White flooring seamlessly flows into the living room as well. The golden globe pendant lights give the element of contrast to the theme. The centre table is again black continuing so well with the black and white modern theme of the apartment. The interior design theme makes the apartment look spacious, elegant and modern. The elements have been aesthetically put together by our interior designers in Noida.

Grey Sofa, Centre Table, TV


The dining space is again the white theme, with white flooring and white walls. The Dining table has been aptly chosen to be in contrast with a black table top and base. The polycarbonate chairs with a small upholstery keep the tone neutral and provide the right balance to the white and black theme.

black dining table with glass top

2. Bathroom

White tile like Satvario Italian, has been liberally used in these references to give a luxurious, expansive and elegant look to the Bathroom Design. The Vanity Cabinets are push shutters which give a seamless look and feel; the shower area is a compact space which has been well managed and segregated with a glass partitions and door.

white theme bathroom with vanity and washbaisin

3. Kitchen

Seamless white floors and seamless cabinet shutters, with a white counter top too! The potted plants provide the much necessary and correct color and brightness. The use of false ceiling is only at the corridor. The kitchen has no false ceiling and track lights have been used to illuminate the space. The Glass at the counter with the wooden frame provides a Scandinavian touch to the white theme.

potted plant, white kitchen

The kitchen is seamlessly built with space for oven and microwave. The U Shaped kitchen scores high on storage with ample storage units on over head and below the counter. The water spout stands tall and gives an element of boldness to the counter top. The black board n the sides for a menu give that human element to this otherwise perfect kitchen.

white kitchen with golden frame

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