Interior Designing: Ambience Tiverton, Noida


Ambience Tiverton is an urbane and modern condominium housing facility located in Sector 50, Noida. It is furnished by latest international security and furnishing. The complex boasts of luxurious facilities like swimming pool, gymnasium, etc. with extensive landscaping as well. Any interior designer would love to do a design theme for these Noida Apartments. We have out together a set of reference images which can be used to develop an interior design theme for the apartments of Ambience Tiverton.

1. Dining & Living Room

The Dining Area communicates suaveness, sophistication and a lot of urbanism! The Straight lined furniture, with grey texture gives the space a refined and mature look. The white floor keeps the colors in balance. The color scheme is very controlled with a bit of green giving the space the required warmth. The concept is easy to execute, is practical, and goes well with the rooms and layout of Ambience Tiverton, Noida.

dining table, chairs, grey walls

Book case is a must in every house. Here the bookcase is embedded inside the dining cabinet. The cabinet space is seamless with use of push buttons for opening and closing of shutters. The book shelves are open, which can be a bit of an issue in Delhi and around owing to the dust, however it gives a sense of accessibility. The Dining Table top can be a aggregate stone, like from Corian LG, or even a white marble top.

bookcase with lots of books and fruits on a nearby table

The living room is an extension of the design theme being used in the Dining Space. White flooring with slate grey walls, and greyish upholstery. There is no false ceiling and track lights are being used to light up the space. Sleek free standing TV Cabinet with slim drawers look elegant and stylish. The display and décor is minimal and modern.The modern theme continuous here as well. We can provide you with similar contemporary minimalistic themes too for your residence.

TV Console, TV, Sofa Set

2. Kitchen

The bathroom has been given the same theme of grey and white. The fixed glass partition has been kept minimal, with no doors, giving the right amount of space utilization. We can provide you with similar contemporary Bathroom Designs for your residence.

Wahroom with glass partition and WC

3. Kitchen

Kitchens in Ambience Tiverton can be a mix of wooden veneer and slate with greyish tiles. A very modern and contemporary mix. The over head cabinets are seamless without any handles which give it a very refined look. The below counter cabinets have been given a profile for opening

kitchen with fridge

Bas Relief Cube pattern on the wall gives the space a very unique character. The patterns looks very stylish and architectural and here it blends well with the slate grey colors of the space.

wallpapers on wall

Another view of the Kitchen. Good to see microwave, over and fridge being given a compact space. The color scheme of the apartment is definitely grey and slate and is being balances with liberal use of white and patterned tiles. Interesting mix.

fridge and microwave in kitchen

Pattern Tiles again! They are being often used in various interior design projects, and are even more often being used in kitchen floor and bathrooms floor and walls. The backsplash tiles here give a brick wall texture which goes well with the slightly traditional kitchen facia and cabinets with beadings. This kind of shutter will require a PU finish which can be a bit expensive.

brick tiles in kitchen with pattern tiles on floor

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