Interior Designing: Ireo Skyon, Gurgaon

IreoSkyon is truly a new age millennium house with world class, latest technology. You can operate your entire house with the touch a button, be it answering the door or adjusting the curtain. The fully automated smart homes can be controlled by smart phones or apps which make it even more desirable. Located in Sector 60 of Gurgaon, one of the best features about these apartments is the scenic view that you can enjoy from your balconies of the three side open apartments.

We have done a conceptual layout of a typical apartment in this Gurgaon Condominium housing. You can chose these design reference images for while visualizing the interior design. Incase you like any of these looks we can help you customize these design solutions for your apartment.

1. Living & Dining Room

The Living Room theme given here is a modern contemporary design. The sealskin color on the wall is such a clever contrast with the white and grey hues of this modern living room. The plush sofa against the white wall beading gives the room a distinguished taste. Add those pendant lights for just the right amount of character.

Paintings on Wall, Living Room

You can read more about Living Rooms Designs in our recently published Article in our Magazine.

2. Bedroom

This bedroom with the abundant use of the rustic wooden texture is magnificent with its organic vibe. Relax and soothe yourself in that stellar bed. The subtlety and seamless symmetry of each element will surely force you to not look away.

Bed with recliner and wooden backdrop

This room is all about that simple, modernistic approach to design with its walls adorned in white and an exposed brick wall which compliments it magnificently to manifest a bit of ruggedness to that otherwise sophisticated space. The dark wooden flooring further amplifies the sublime factor.

Brickwork on wall, Bed

3. Kitchen

The exuberant patterned flooring pairs up so magnificently with the white laminate cabinets whereas the exposed brick wall is accompanied gloriously with the wooden backsplash. The cabinet and backsplash lighting surely illuminates the space in a positive warmth and energy.

Brickwork on Kitchen Backsplash

4. Bathroom

This bathroom concept is simple and easy to implement with its glorious patterned tiles and the yellow basin cabinet which gives it immense character and playfulness. The basic white tiles on the wall blend in seamlessly with the quirkiness of the other elements in the bathroom.

Yellow Vanity for Wash Baisin with Mirror

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