Interior Design Concept: Sector 23, Faridabad

We have put together design concepts for a two floor home in sector 23, Faridabad. This was a challenging task as we had specific requirements from the clients. Our team of interior designers in Faridabad arrived at some interesting concepts after much discussion.

The living and dining room had an L shaped layout. We decided to give it sophisticated colors like grey brown, cream and beige. Wooden and mirror panels were suggested for enclosing the elevator to give the entrance an impressive look. The living area was given a light wood colored paneling arranged in a brick pattern. It adds grace to the seating area. The dining area has an elegant dining table with eight dark grey upholstered chairs. The flooring is cream for this space to enhance the spacious aura it exudes. The dining area is endowed with plenty of natural light so we suggested just two soft pendant lights.

A beige centric living room gets a pop of quirkiness with polka dotted  side tables. The rectangular centre table has been given a metallic casting at the sides for a similar effect. Our team of Interior Designers in Faridabad suggested a neat fuss free arrangement in this seating area. Two single chairs add to the style.

The bar area spells modernity and everything that is chic. Grey cabinets and a glossy countertop blend well. A wooden flooring looks swell in this combination of colors. A lot of mirror panels have been used for an illusion of more light and space.

The bedrooms are all on the first floor. They have a good view of the greenery outside. A floor to ceiling window gives a royal look to the bedroom. The wall behind the bed has been given a leather paneling. The side tables have been wall mounted with elegant reading lamps. Lighting has been kept graceful. The décor has a twist of modern and classic.

The most striking part of the furniture in this bedroom is centre table in the shape of a trunk.  The beige wall has a slightly Turkish designed leather cladding which only adds to its magnificent appeal.

Another bedroom has been suggested a concept of navy grey and white combination with a luxurious book case till the ceiling. The light grey leather queen size bed offsets the color scheme. Imposing long mirror panels magnify this room. A study area facing the greenery has been designed to meet the requirement of a complete room. The adjacent wall has a window seat to optimize space utilization.

The third bedroom has plenty of wood accents what with wooden flooring, wall panels behind the bed and on the window wall. A seating has been suggested against the window wall making it aesthetic. The cream patterned wallpaper borders the window wall adding a sophistication to the room.

The lounge area needed a design similar to the living room.The place is used for entertaining, reading and having a drink.

The lounge area needed a design similar to the living room. The place is used for entertaining, reading or having a drink. So we suggested a grey facts and wall to wall cabinet for artifacts and curios and books. Of course it had to be between imposing mirrors.

A very modern study area was conceptualized in a corner. A grey and oak wood color combination was suggested with grooves in the grey textured wall. Interesting cubby holes have been provided for books and knick- knacks. The most striking décor piece is a floor lamp in the shape of a spoltlight.

These concepts that we arrived at were appreciated by the client and we eventually went ahead with the execution.

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