Interior Designing, Kailash Hills, Delhi

These are some design concepts our firm created for a family who planned to renovate their flat in Kailash Hills in New Delhi. An area surrounded by greenery and in a good residential society, it had all the ingredients for it to be redesigned into a clutter free, sophisticated home.

Being on a higher floor, the space received plenty of sunlight and breeze and so we felt a false ceiling was not mandatory for the entire house. The living room opened up to a beautiful balcony for which we suggested a small vertical arrangement of plants for creating a green patch. The color scheme which seemed appealing was a white and oak and blue. Cream colored flooring was recommended to create a spacious look. The TV panel was set on a wooden panel offset by a royal blue wall. The furniture suggested was light weight and modern.

An L shaped sofa suits this layout and also makes for an unrestricted walkway to the balcony. A unique violet color with its matching floor lamp looked pleasant. The design concept kept in mind stemmed from a theme which had to modern yet incorporate an old world charm.

The clients also wanted to display a lot of curios collected from their various travels so we thought a crisp white wall unit against the blue wall would look apt. This unit could be customized to accommodate all their books, artifacts and treasures accordingly.

The fourth bedroom needed to be entertainment cum reading room. We kept it cozy with wooden flooring. It needed to encompass books and a television as well a comfortable seating and minimal décor. A workstation was suggested in the corner. We suggested glass sliding door entrance rather than the usual door.

A modern dining table with more bench seating than the conventional chairs seemed more inviting. An island kitchen facing the dining seemed suitable for a family who loved to cook and eat together. Beautiful copper pendant lights would add the necessary style element to this slightly rustic look. The kitchen cabinets were in a light wooden grained texture for that bare rustic look. A good amount of storage is given.


The above picture gives you a glimpse of how the royal blue would look with the beige and grey kitchen. The false ceiling indeed is required here for sufficient lighting in the busy work area. A beautiful console adorns the entrance with a larger than life painting above it. The kitchen has been given the most modern look in the flat.

All the bedrooms have wooden flooring. This particular bedroom has been given a dark grey wallpaper behind the bed. The rest of the furniture blends with the floor color. The bedroom gets plenty of sunlight from the balcony.

The washroom is kept elegant with subtle stone cladding. A pretty patterned flooring adds to the appeal without marring the quiet look. A practical yet interesting bathroom makes it immensely likeable. False ceiling has been given for all the necessary light needed in this space.

Marks Dzyn was pleased to present this design concept to the clients. It was received and appreciated well and we did go ahead with its execution with most of these concepts seeing the light of day!

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