Beautiful Home in Saket

Marks Dzyn was hired to design Mr. Ankit Malik’s living room and bedroom.

The clients were very clear about their ideology for their spaces and our designer, Shivangi, created these spaces exactly as per the clients wishes.

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The client was clear on wanting shades of beige and pink for their living room. The room has been designed with a very luxurious look. The room is styled with a beautiful nested center table with gold metal legs. The overall feeling of this room is super elegant and grand.  A beautiful modern chandelier lights up the room and adds the extra grandeur to this room making it so easy on the eyes.

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The bedroom was a space where the client wanted to give more levy in design choices. Our designer has created a bedroom with beautiful blue upholstered bed and stunning pendant lights on both sides of the bed. The room also has a very calm and serene look to it. The vanity opposite the bed adds a sense of glam to the space.

 A somber seating area has also been given to create a more inviting and comfortable space. The element of gold trimming has been used in the bedroom as well bringing together the theme of the home.

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This was a great project for us that went super smoothly and both, the client and the team, were pleased with the final output.

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