Marks Dzyn

Exquisite and Classy Home in Noida

Noida is a very exquisite and well-developed area and our client Jyotsna wanted to remodel her home with a touch of elegance. The designers at Marks Dzyn are assured to provide and fulfill all our client needs.

Living Room

Jyotsna and family wanted something bold for their living room and these cobalt blue couches with these pretty floral chairs are perfectly doing their job. The wall and drapes have been given the same colour theme to align with sofas. 

Dining Area

This lovely rectangular table , surrounded by chairs in cobalt blue , seems luxurious against the tastefully designed grey wall. The wall-mounted cabinets are ideal for creating a useful dining room environment. 


On the demand of our client our designers has created this spacious and cozy kitchen in the combination of greyish-blue and transparent cabinets which looks so gorgeous.

Kid’s Room

This very pretty green with white in the kid’s room looks so elegant. Since there is enough room to move around the bed, it is simple for its users to do different things at same time. 


The master bedroom is a serene space with subtle lighting. The headboard of the bed is covered in plain textured and pastel-colored fabric. This is undoubtedly attention-grabbing. The space is lovely because of the cove lighting that is directed at the wall. The hints of red in the room is adding a fun element.

Home Office

Home office is the space where a person wants to have a peaceful environment while working. This all wooden work with subtle beige colours makes the room perfect for work.