Marks Dzyn

An Attractive and Beautiful Home in Lucknow

Home is where the wonderful journey of life begins. A house is more than simply four walls; it represents a goal we cherish and look forward to realizing. That was the guiding principle of our client Ahtashman. They chose to hire interior decorators after purchasing their brand-new, one-bedroom apartment.

Living Room

Understanding the client’s personality and the space’s soul is the secret to a flawless design! This royal and regal in the combination of white with blue couches gives a luxurious look to the room.


Our client wanted a luxurious kitchen. Our interior designers kept the look white and wooden to create a sleek, tidy image. 

Dining Room

An pleasant mood for entertaining was undoubtedly created by the contrasting dining chairs and wooden touch everywhere.

Children Room

This all yellow look to the room gives a very poppy and joyful effect to the room. One of the best features of the space is the Two-sided study table.