Marks Dzyn

Saket Home, Delhi

Marks Dzyn was indeed pleased to design a home for a Dubai returned family, the Mehras who recently bought a floor in Saket in New Delhi. The Mehras , a delightful couple with two teenage daughters wanted a home with a blend of the east and west. Having enjoyed the luxury and superfluity of the Middle East for so many years, they wanted their house to be sophisticated and cultured. Our interior designers in Delhi put their thoughts and ideas together and arrived at a suitably satisfying outcome for the Mehras and ourselves!

1. Living Room

Beige Tiled Flooring with Tan Leather Sofa Set

What comes to your mind when you enter this house is spaciousness and an air of sophistication. The play with subtle cove lighting in an already well lit room was an important aspect to consider. The imposition of a mirror on the wall facing the dining table makes a chic statement. The not so symmetrical mirror frames added an element of enigma to this calm arena. The Mehra’s are a cheerful family with a matured quiet taste. We needed their home to reflect those virtues.

Living Room with Tan Leather Sofas and Dining Area in Background 

The delicate burnt orange leather sofa has been offset by grey cushions. A griege rug was suggested by our interior designer to add warmth to this setting. The wall unit was made running from the entrance foyer to the living room adding that touch of character. The far end sees a study nook in the corner outside the kitchen with subtle lighting for some reading/ office work. The multi shaded upholstered chair complements with the color scheme of the study shelf.

Bookcase with Books with False Ceiling Light

We chose an earthy theme for the house with shades of beige being used subtly in the living and dining area. The neat grooves on the television panel accentuate the wall and the drapes in a slightly darker hue add grace to the space. The floor-to-ceiling window extends not just vertically but horizontally as well so as to invite as much natural light as possible. The Mehras insisted our interior designer, on subtle colors for upholstery and furniture but were pleased with the idea of a gentle shade of orange to demarcate the dining from the living.

2. Dining Room

Dining Room with Chandelier

The rectangular pendant light and the mirrored wall make this dining area look nothing less than opulent but not overbearing, in line with what was emphasized by Mrs Mehra. A tall planter in the corner made the room look warm and inviting for the family to have a cozy meal.

Grey Bookcase with Books inside

What better way to arrange your collection of books, artifacts and holiday memorabilia which have been carefully accumulated over the years than to showcase them. The Mehra family are avid readers and have travelled extensively and so it was imperative to have a seamless wall unit with storage as well as a display area. Mrs Mehra added some small planters to create a truly earthy atmosphere.

3. Frames on the Wall

Frames on a plain wall near Kitchen

The wall outside the kitchen needed some attention and so did the two favorite frames of the Mehra daughters. Our interior designers decided to adorn this space with them and an icy green metallic circular table beneath the pictures just completed the look.

Interacting with the warm and hospitable Mehra family was a memorable and happy experience. If you need a design makeover or ideas to refresh your home do fill up the contact form or give us a call at 011-41015959 to speak to our interior designers in Delhi or drop in a query at