Marks Dzyn

Plush Interiors for a family in Punjabi Bagh

Marks Dzyn was approached by a cheerful family of three in Punjabi Bagh to do their floor of 1800 sq feet. The couple have a toddler child and were very passionate about the house being done up in a stylish way.

Our team of interior designers met the clients and after a discussion with them about their requirements and preferences, finally came up with a design for the master bedroom, living area and lounge which was something quite opulent yet not garish and still suiting the interiors of a flat.

A rich colored formal living room was suggested with royal colors of rust. Navy blue, gold and beige. Leather sofas in a burnt orange look fantastic in this space. A gold shaded grey wallpaper adorns the wall where the navy blue ottoman is placed. The much trending metallic side tables with stone top finish (white satvaria marble) had to be a part of this arrangement. A false ceiling with cove lighting gives the required lighting and a beautiful atomic light adds to the glitz of the room. Simultaneously much natural light enters the living room.

A partition has been made from floor to ceiling dividing the living room from the lounge area (used for viewing television). Could anything be better than adding gold tinted mirror panels for adding more pizzazz onto this wall!

We now come to the favorite space of the family- the lounge. This is the place where the family watches movies, comedy shows, cricket matches and the likes while munching their favorite goodies. The designer has chosen a monotone look. The television is mounted on a wood cladding wall. A white wall hung storage unit has been made to accommodate knick knacks. The lounge overlooks the breakfast table which has been given an onyx table top.

The gallery from the main entrance to the lounge has been given an interesting distressed wall paneling in the bottom half. Definitely when one enters the house, the feeling is that of magnificence!

The master bedroom has a similar glory. It is alluring and beautiful. The white wallpaper has a wall paneling in a textured finish which holds the cove lighting. The upholstered bed in a cool pista green is gentle. The stone metallic side table designed by our interior designer has been accentuated with a round glass pendant light. There is ample storage in the sleek chest of drawers on the other side. Accent chairs in light rust have been placed neatly near the entrance.

Marks Dzyn was happy to deliver these interiors to our clients. If you are looking to do up your space in whatever style you are inclined towards, be it contemporary, modern, Scandinavian, classic or just something happy ! Do visit our website or give us a call at 011- 41015959, our team will only be glad to assist you.