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Living room with sofa tv, console

Golf Avenue, Noida

Golf Avenue apartments in Noida were recently completed. The condominium is a stylish one with large open spaces for green and landscape and well planned layouts. Rushil and Nilima had bought their residence and wanted a budget friendly yet a modern looking comfortable interior and living. Our interior designers in Noida sat with them, showed them a few designs concepts and there were several rounds of discussions and idea exchanges. Finally, Nilima liked soft hues of grey and beige to be incorporated in the entire house including the kitchen arena. Rushil Agreed. These colour schemes balanced the sophistication he wanted his house to express and the warmth and welcoming ambience a house demands. We totally agreed with their ideas and vision of the space and the final outcome was definitely satisfying.

1. Living Room

Colour blocking on the accent wall gravitates the entire look and feel of the room and the spotlights make sure they are the prime focus. The lush and warm upholstered furniture comfortably mingles with the abstract theme of the entire space.

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Living room with sofa tv, console

The soft hued upholstery compliments the strong and bold wooden corner table as together they create that sublime drama. The cozy corner makes that perfect impression which exudes elegance and delicacy.

Living room with vertical pattern on walls and ledge table

Playing with space cleverly, the beautifully designed living room synchronises perfectly with warm hues of grey and beige. Complimenting each other, every element in the room focuses on the hospitable and genial nature of the space.

That sleek piece of furniture is a splendid depiction of modernity. The unique and astonishing chair adds to the sophistication of the very contemporary looking living room.

lounge chair with stool and sofa

2. Bedroom

The upholstered bed blending flawlessly with the hues of grey creates that exquisite relaxing atmosphere. The raving trend of beading on the accent wall cannot go unnoticed and the collective contribution of each element makes this room a luxurious retreat.

Beading on Wall, Bed, Tv and console

The dripping versatility conveys exclusivity and class. The simple piece of wooden furniture can add so much value to the manner of the representation of the room. It is an impeccable case where practicality meets elegance.

console, table clock

3. Bathroom

This super chic and edgy combination of the trending Scandinavian glass frame and the marble slab culminates to a magnificent bathroom. These black stainless steel fittings are the desirable addition.
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shower partitions, wash baisin table top

4. Kitchen

Maintaining the charm and delicacy, this modern day modular kitchen very boldly serves the ingredients of proper storage and functionality perfectly. The lighting acts like that missing pinch of salt.

Kitchen with sink and fauct

Interacting with Rushil and Nillima and co-creating the design together was fun and a memorable experience. If you need a design makeover or ideas to refresh your home do fill up the contact form or give us a call at 011-41015959 or drop in a query at