Marks Dzyn

Elegant Rooms Done in an Independent Floor in South City 1, Gurgaon

Marks Dzyn was approached by a charming couple who wanted to basically redo their guest room and their budding teenage son’s room. Our team of interior designers interacted with the family of three and after a few pleasant meetings came up with a unique concept quite in line with the expectations of this family.

The bedroom was given a wooden color theme. When we see this, we think ‘old world charm’ with full length drapes and sheers which gives the impression of grandeur. Our interior designers suggested wall behind the bed that was given a beige fabric cladding and a similar color was lent to the bed. The lighting is subtle yet effective since the room is expansive. Full length mirrors for a dressing area make the room look large and see how cleverly even the side tables are with a mirror finish! The accent chairs and a gold metallic side table provide additional seating.The TV cabinet is simple and functional. As a guest room it is indeed very inviting and welcoming!

We needed to give the young man a room suiting his personality and fastidious nature. A dull green and wood color combination was suggested by our interior designers which she felt was apt to encompass all his requirements and belongings. The bed was given astronomical wallpapers since the owner had a keen interest in space and celestial bodies. A neat study corner was created for study and research time. An open shelving system was created for books and collectibles and gifts. A cream ottoman was placed for seating. Notice how we have used two primary colors like blue and green but they cohabit so well simply because of their muted versions. The lighting was kept simple with a basic false ceiling pattern. On second thoughts, those lights look like stars!

Marks Dzyn was happy to deliver these interiors to our clients. If you are looking to do up your space in whatever style you are inclined towards, be it contemporary, modern, Scandinavian, classic or just something happy ! Do visit our website or give us a call at 011- 41015959, our team will only be glad to assist you.