Marks Dzyn

A Charming flat in Gurgaon

Mr and Mrs Katyal purchased a beautiful three bedroom flat in the upscale residence of Ireo Victory Valley in Gurgaon. They wanted to basically work on their children’s bedroom, living, dining and furniture pieces for the house. After the initial visits and discussions with the very pleasant family, our interior designers arrived at some interesting designs for their home.

1. Living Room

The key to a perfect design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space! The living room is the soul of your home. It’s a platform which speaks for the rest of your home as well as is the place for friends and family to eat and make merry!
The accent wall in the dining area has been textured in a brunette colour further embellished with vertical wooden slats for elegance. This contrasts well with the grey shade of the dining chairs. The elevated drapes at the balcony entrance create a luxurious look. The seating includes a rich blue sofa set and accent chairs in a printed white fabric. The living space has been enhanced by the L shaped corner of the wall in a brown shade similar to that of the dining wall ! Our interior designers included elegant lights like a floor lamp and a copper chandelier in a suitable design. The final outcome of the living and dining area was a joy as it turned out exactly as desired by the Katyals.

2. Children’s Room

A child’s room is something which is very special, as it is for a phase of life which is short-lived but is the most memorable and special part for the family members. So the idea is to invoke a sort of zest and zeal in the children as well as explore their personalities. The junior Mr Katyal was given a combination of very lively colours like royal blue and yellow. The window seat is a sure winning element of the room. It can be used for reading, looking out of the window etc. Also the study unit designed was given ample storage with its shelves and drawers. The bed has been given a royal blue bed back.

3, Guest Room Furniture

The guest room comes has an elegant look with a white brick tiled wall. There is a royal blue sofa with a sumptuous centre table. The dramatic blue sofa was accompanied with the zig zag legged side table and a floor lamp.

4. Living Room Furniture

The beauty of crockery unit and the bar unit with a partly similar finish prove to be a attractive element in the house.

5. Bedroom

This piece of furniture literally brings in sunshine to the room. There is a matching footstool for comfort. Such a piece adds vibrancy to the master bedroom. All the furniture pieces have been designed and manufactured by Marks Dzyn.

Marks Dzyn was pleased to do this project and add yet another feather in their cap. If you need to design your home, renovate, need modular wardrobes or kitchens or loose customized furniture pieces all you need to do is call us at 011- 41015959 or visit our website at Our interior designers will surely like to meet you and take it further.