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Hamilton Court, Gurgaon

Hamilton Court in Gurgaon is an Interior Designers Paradise. Every apartment there has gone through a complete design transformation over the years. And its interesting to see how different cultures, thoughts, and interior designers have given varies shapes and forms to the various spaces in this DLF Gurgaon Condominium. Its like a melting pot. So, when our clients, Raghav and Bandhavi met us, we were looking forward to the kind of design elements they will like and what all we will be able to do here. Raghav was free spirited and we felt would like a rustic industrial rock n roll kind of look; Bandhavi on the other hand seemed to like everything Indian and Traditional yet had a modern outlook. They finally settled for the quintessential Indian White marble Stone and Tiles. Great Choice! We gave them a theme of White Flooring, with White Walls adorned with beading, and played creatively with decor, furniture and accessories. What was definitely missing was a rock n roll touch which was completed with a Jim Morrison Painting at the Foyer! Designing was fun!

1. Living Room

This living room has an alluring quality to it which is multiplied manifolds by the sophisticated wall beading and the textured TV unit at the bottom. The dark, linear center table and couch is perfect against the undertone of the room. The planter surely provides an organic and natural factor to the entire look!

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The sort of élan that a white marble floor provides is unparalleled. That quirky console table with a pendant light for focus is exactly what you need for that little bit of character in an otherwise classy space!

Corridor with white marble

2. Lounge

Release all your worry and anxiety after a stressful day at work in this cozy, comforting lounge. The grey tone on the wall is such a complimentary shade against the white French windows. Relax on the luscious sofas and let your body unwind while reading your favorite book under that perfect arced lamp.

3. Bathroom

The sort of regality that the marble wall cladding exudes is unprecedented as the light filtering in further enhances the beauty of the white walls! The patterned tiled flooring in the shower area is such a pleasing element against the dark flooring in the rest of the space.

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Interacting with Raghav and Bandhavi and co-creating thdesign together was fun and a memorable experience. If you need a design makeover or ideas to refresh your home do fill up the contact form or give us a call at 011-41015959 or drop in a query at