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Anju Modi Store

The Anju Modi Store in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. This was one of the most exciting projects undertaken by us. The project was interesting not only because of its striking design but more so because it involved a leading design thinker of our times, Anju Modi, who has a marvelous sense of colors, rhythm and harmony.

The project involved usage of very usual materials which were used in different ways to create different textures and looks. The walls were mostly made out of rough cement plaster to create an earthy texture. Kadappa stone was used on the floor to provide a grounded look. The stone is a local produce and was given a River Wash Finish to give it a regal look. A bit of Madhubani Paintings were used for decor. Fabric came direct from the hands of Anju Modi Workshop which adorned a door. Brass strips were used to give the entrance a look of warm splendor. And finally, Gold Leafing was done on some heavy stone relief work to give the store front a sophisticated elegance.

1. The Stone Work

The relief work seen on the stone is a representation of the Banyan Tree Leaf. The stone of Khreda was used here.
The fabric was used on the wooden frame to make sliding door. The opaqueness of the fabric with its print provided the right amount of light to pass through providing a surreal sight indeed.
No stone was left unturned (literally!) to ensure the finishing is just the best and nothing short of that. The Mild Steel Rods in the ceiling provided the hanging space for the designer merchandise.

Block Printing Done on Fabric with Hangars in Front
Anju Modi Store 2015

2. The Khreda

Khreda Stone forms the right backdrop to the ambient signage of Anju Modi. The stone with its wavering unfinished texture gives an earthy environ. The stone has been lit up with mild lighting reminiscing of the grandeur of a Fort with the Signage of the brand illuminating at the fore.

Signage fixed on Stone with a mannequin sitting in the front
Studio Incept

3. Kadappah Flooring

The Cudappah is a local stone of Telangana and as used to accentuate the flooring. The Stone was given a river wash finish.

kadappah flooring

4. Rough Plaster Wall

The Walls were given a rustic look by plastering it with large aggregate plaster. The plastering was done in an un even manner to give it a natural look of a worn out wall. The sand was such chosen that on drying the plaster gave a beige grey finish.

rough plaster on walls

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