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Ireo Grand Arch, Gurgaon

Ireo Grand Arch is one of the most beautiful Condominium Housings in Gurgaon. It is is one of Ireo’s best and most architecturally pleasing projects till date. With its state-of-the-art technology and devices which will set unparalleled benchmarks of luxury, convenience and comfort, it is any resident’s dream come true. The clients, Nirav and Sonia, wanted the design to be minimal and contemporary. We made a mood board of muted and subtle hues, with a lot of slate, whites, veneer, and large glass windows coming together to complete the look.

1. Living Room & Dining Room Works

Subtle hues and plush accents is what this living room is all about. The cove lighting provides such a glorious ambience to the entire soft look. The textured wooden paneling provides an extremely glamorous and intriguing look to the room.

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Living Room with TV, Sofa, Centre Table

This amiable dining area is an impeccable amalgamation of modern and rustic wood. The linear furniture is simple yet hard hitting. Those caged pendant lights at the top illuminates the table immaculately and creates the mood for a great conversation.

Dining table with chairs and light above

2. Study

This sumptuous study with its snug, upholstered chairs provides a comfortable environment to envision and build up plans in a relaxed manner. The stone finishes have a lavish impact on the entire space, perfectly complimenting the dark, functional cabinets in the side.

Study Table, chair

3. Kitchen Works

This kitchen with its glossy laminated surface is an ideal ode to the modern, modular kitchen. The natural, homespun wooden backsplash and cabinet is such a surprising but pleasing element with the sophisticated white and brings a distinguished character to this contemporary kitchen. Those yellow LED lights bathe the counter top in such a splendid hue that it is hard to keep your eyes off it!

kitchen with cove light and utensils on counter

Interacting with Nirav and Sonia and co-creating the design together was fun and a memorable experience. If you need a design makeover or ideas to refresh your home give us a call at 011-41015959 or drop in a query at