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Design elements in DLF Park Place

Design elements which will enthrall you

It is always a pleasure to work with our clients and one such were Megha and Rohit Tandon who wanted to do their 4 bedroom apartment in DLF Park Place, sec 54 Gurgaon. Our interior designer in Gurgaon, Ritu Agarwal met this smart and witty couple who were very clear about what all they wanted and the way they wanted it. Megha wanted to personalize the spaces for her family of four (two teenage aged children) very well. Being a working couple what they needed was more storage and organization ideas, practical and aesthetic elements to beautify their home. So our interior designer, Ritu discussed the plan with them and our design team and after several brainstorming sessions we arrived at some stylish yet natural looking design ideas matching this cheerful and enthusiastic family.

When you enter the house your mind fills with serenity as you step through a Zen kind of an environment. The concept of the subtlety starts from this very space as you see the white walls and ceiling with accent woodwork around.

Check out the beautiful accent wall in the living room with chevron patterned wood and mirror panels. The combination of wood and natural grey gives it a sophisticated and welcoming look. Subtle cove lighting has been given. An open bookshelf adds class.

Our writers from the editorial desk have covered much more on Living Room designs in our in house Magazine.

A closer look at this accent wall while work was going on shows how beautifully one can incorporate mirrors in the right proportion in the living room. Ritu gave them this balanced theme of wood and mirror. Too many wooden panels can look dense and too much of a mirror can be overbearing for everyone!

The dining area has a wooden look with slats and a large as life modern painting breaks the monotony. Grey upholstered chairs add splendor. Wooden built in shelf designed by our interior designer was made to display artifacts and chinaware along with a glass cabinet. Notice the alluring atomic lights over the dining table.

Ritu decided to go for a French door rather than the traditional one for the study room. It blended seamlessly with the white walls.

The wall next to the balcony was given a few slats to keep up with the wooden look. A beautiful pendant fixture is placed in the middle of the room and its light simply scintillates through the slats! The couple wanted their main door to be very imposing and this design definitely epitomizes just that.

Another feature that was highlighted was the foyer ceiling. We added wooden false ceiling with subtle lighting so that it blends with the main entrance and wooden cladding. This runs along the lengths of the room adding elegance. You can read more about Foyer Designs in our recently published Article in our Magazine. The house definitely looked modern and as well as natural at the end of it much to the satisfaction of our clients and the designer.

These were some of the design elements in this project. If you are looking for adding more to your home or getting full interiors for your new home, do contact us at or call us at 011-41015959