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Experience The Charm Of Subtlety Through This House In Noida

Capetown in Noida Sector 74 is a newly delivered housing and we did a few interior projects there. One of the recently completed projects in this condominium has been described here. Siddhant and Samarth, wanted their family home in Delhi to be done up in a plush and contemporary way. For this, they chose us to help them in building their dream into an actual space that situates in Noida. They met with one of our Interior Designers in Noida, Sakshi, who understood their requirements and likings fairly quickly. The clients wanted a classic color theme of whites and greys with an ample amount of woodwork going through the house to accentuate the place.

1. The Foyer

When you enter the house your mind fills with serenity as you step through a Zen kind of an environment. The concept of the subtlety starts from this very space as you see the white walls and ceiling with accent woodwork around.

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The foyer is occupied with a modern shoe cabinet with a small niche sitting to fulfill their purpose, along with a decorated statue of Buddha in a wooden framed panel.

2. The Living Room

Samarth’s love for white can be clearly seen from this very first room of the house. The cozy yet cool living room marks an impressionable image of the house. The grey cement laminate finish suggested by our interior designer, on the walls with a featured wooden batons panel at the end gives a masculine look to the space. Matching the wood work on the wall with the TV cabinet opposite to it gives it a complete look. The false ceiling finished with white color and woodwork in the middle and the wooden flooring is there to provide a balanced feel to it.

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The white L-shaped sofa and the accent blue armchair with the ottoman makes the space a little cooler for the bachelor brothers. The ambient lighting along with the natural light entering through the balcony in front of the room brighten ups the place making it lively.

3. The Master Bedroom

Taking the same concept of neutral and subtle colors into the bedroom, both the brothers were very pleased to see their favourite whites and grays in their personal space. The back wall of the bed has a wooden frame finished with cove lighting and textured paint, as finalized by Siddhant.

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Besides the natural light from balcony livening up the room, the wall lights above the bedside tables add to the accent lighting of the room. The wooden flooring and paneling behind the TV provides warmth to the space.

4. The Study Room

The beautiful white study room provides calmness to mind which is an important aspect of the room. The beading on the wall, finished in white paint behind the relaxing bed gives a simple yet sophisticated look to the space. There is enough storage space given by our interior designer for the lawyer brothers in the form of cupboard and shelves, along with a study table unit to help them.

Interacting with Siddhant and Samarth and co-creating the designs together was fun and a memorable experience. If you need a design makeover or ideas to refresh your home, do fill up the contact form or give us a call at 011-41015959 or drop in a query at

Kashika Singhal, Marks Dzyn Editorial Team